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Hopkins County Records For Jan. 31, 2020

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Applications for Marriage Licenses

  • Mandujano Benjamin Avila and Ana Moreno Camacho
  • Roderick Undrea Williams and Aretha Ann Williams
  • Jaime Albert Mar and Ester Marquez
  • Cierra Renea Guajardo and Brooke Michelle Phillips
  • Erik Sebastian Valentine and Devon Marie Zimmerman
  • Joshua Tyler Broeske and Madeline Marie Anderson
Record books

Land Deed Transactions

  • Jill Thornton and Jody Thornton to Mason Morton and Alissa Wagner; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Pedro Perez and Casilda Guerrero Sanchez to Alejandra Guerrero and Juan Bojay Guerrero; tract in the M A Bowlin survey
  • Cindy Dodd and Darrell Dodd to Dusty Dodd Asbill and Justin Mitchell Asbill; tract in the Ferdinand Carroll survey
  • Stefani Ruth Perry Olinsky and Steve Olinsky to Corinna Perry and Shaun E. Perry; tract in the U. Aiguier survey
  • William Dale Mills Jr. and Kimberly Ann Owens to Saul Rosas Jinez; tract in the Nathaniel Harris survey
  • Lori Jane McFarland Bryant, Heather McFarland, Jessie Lynn McFarland and Jessie Reed McFarland to Velma Ruth McFarland; tract in the AJ Butts survey
  • Alexsa Baylus to Aaron Baylus; tract in the CA Galbreath survey
  • John Russell Jr. and Melissa A. Tillman to Cindy Kolette Russell; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Melvin Jovanny Rodriguez Ponce to Maria D. Gonzalez Salazar; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Guadalupe Brena Spa, Octavia Brena Spa, Guadalupe Brenia and Octavia Brenia to Billy Brena and Adriana Ortiz; tract in the Larkin Coffee survey
  • Lisa J. Beattie, successor trustee for the Dudley H. Reedy Trust, to John M. Fox and Luz Fox; tract in the E. Melton survey
  • Bobby Beck and Jimmy Beck to Tommy Beck; tract in the M A Bowlin survey
  • Glenn Wiedenbeck and Jeannie Wiedenbeck to Luchere Maria Beckum and Zachary Clinton Beckum; tract in Rocky Ridge
  • CJP Properties LLC to Caden Clay Price, Coen James Price and Emily Nicole Price; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Billie Ruth Standbridge to Morgan K C Standbridge and Angeline Standbridge; tract in the M A Bowlin survey
  • Donald Brian Dodd and Meredith Dodd to Cindy Dodd and Landon Keith Dodd; tract in the E Melton survey
  • Donald Lee Dodd and Pamela S. Dodd to Donald Brian Dodd; tract in the E Melton survey
Hopkins County record books in the county clerk’s office

The Hopkins County Clerk’s Office is located at 128 Jefferson St., Suite C, in Sulphur Springs. Marriage licenses and land deeds are among the records filed at the County Clerk’s Office.

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Author: Faith Huffman

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