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19 City Streets Identified For Improvements in 2020

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As many as 19 city streets in Sulphur Springs have been identified for improvements through the annual paving program this year, funding permitting, according to Sulphur Springs Community Development Director Tory Niewiadomski.

Overall, the city hopes to be able to pave 5.4 miles of streets, twice as much work as in recent years, thanks to the street maintenance fee charged on utility bills. This would allow for improvements on the designated streets, along with various preventative maintenance measures, according to Niewiadomski.

While the streets have been identified, the total could be fewer or more, depending on materials costs.

“This list was produced based on last year’s estimates for pricing. If bids come in higher due to factors such as oil prices going up, the list could be reduced or if the bids come in lower than expected, we may be able to add some additional streets,” Niewiadomski stated.

The city has posted the notice for bid specifications for the annual street improvement program work. Bids are due on or before 10 a.m. Friday, Jan. 24, according to the notice. City staff anticipate submitting a recommendation of the lowest qualified bidder to Sulphur Springs City Council at the February meeting., according to Niewiadomski.

Streets identified for improvement include (by name, what that section of roadway is between and length):

Sulphur Springs Street Improvement Program 2020

Author: Faith Huffman

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