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Wildcats Change Flow of Paris Game With Third Quarter Half Court Trap

For the first couple of quarters and a half, Paris looked like it was going to be their night against the Wildcats Basketball Team Tuesday night (December 3) in Sulphur Springs. Wildcats Coach Clark Cipoletta said Paris was shooting the ball well and the Wildcats weren’t doing much to make them uncomfortable. It other words, Paris was in a groove. Coach Cipoletta chose to change the dynamic of the game. He instituted a half court trap. The move seemed to give the Wildcats energy and they started to get steals and to cause turnovers. The Wildcats used the boost to tie the game after three quarters and then to win it in the final period. Coach Cipoletta said Justin Brock hit a big three in the fourth quarter and Grayson McClure hit two of them. He said point guard Lamodrick Johnson did a good job in the second half after a rocky first half. He said Day Day Hall was hard to stop and he added he was real proud of Cameron Kahn. Coach Cipoletta said Kahn did not play well last week but came out strong Tuesday night. He said Kahn had to overcome foul trouble. Kahn led the Wildcats with 20 points including 9 big third quarter points when the Wildcats went on their big run. Coach Cipoletta said he was proud of his team and the way they stuck together to overcome adversity. He compared it to a storm that has to be weathered before calm water returns. The Wildcats play next in the Mansfield ISD Spring Creek Barbeque Classic Tournament that runs Thursday through Saturday.

Author: Matt Janson

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