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County To Cease Providing Trash Dumpsters For Public

Hopkins Count Commissioner Court

Hopkins County Commissioners Court Monday morning announced the county will soon cease providing dumpsters at county barns for the public to use.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Mickey Barker noted that the county spent $37,881 last year on trash dumpsters provided for constituents

“This is a service that we have been providing for the constituents. This started out as a five year program grant that paid for the dumping of dumpsters and since is gradually getting worse, if that’s the right word. More and more people are bringing their trash. My particular precinct barn has turned into a trash dump,” Barker said.

The Precinct 1 Commissioner said at his barn people who bring trash will be given a list that contains a list of all eight curbside trash companies that operate in Precinct 1, and encouraging them to contact them to attain trash pick up service.

Barker said his intent is for the county to try to offer spring and fall clean up dates during which county residents would be allowed to bring unwanted items for disposal.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Wade Bartley emphasized intent to host both a fall and spring clean up event, which should be put on the county website. He said he’s been asked about dump sites, that he found information regarding the precinct location on the web.

Bartley said his precinct employees have spent many hours picking up trash that should have been dedicated to road work. This will allow him to better utilize the available work force for their primary work goals.

Barker said ceasing offering a public trash dumpster year round should also cut down on the amount of time each commissioner spends answer calls from people wanting to know the hours the dumpster site is open or asking to schedule to dump trash.

Barker said the county is not in the trash business, but it is in the road business. This will allow each precinct’s 6-7 employees to focus on road repairs.

The commissioner unanimously agreed to the cessation of providing public trash dumpsters at all county barns effective Feb. 1, 2020. The service will continue to be offered until then, however, Hopkins County Judge Robert Newsom noted.

Author: Faith Huffman

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