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Commissioners Consider Fate Of 2 County Roads, Cyber Security Training, Fire Protection Contracts

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Hopkins County Commissioners Court during Dec. 23 court session

Hopkins County Commissioners this week agreed to let a land owner take over maintenance of two county roads, approved four fire protection agreements and an agreement for cyber security training.

2 County Roads

Precinct 2 Commissioner Greg Anglin told the court during their regular meeting Monday, Dec. 23, that Jack Kempanaar approached him a few months ago about the County Roads 2449 and 2348. The Kempanaars have acquired the land around the two dead end roads. The property used to house dairies.

“His desire was for the county to drop the county maintenance and he would take over the maintenance of these two roads as driveways,” Anglin said.

Anglin said Kempenaar has posted notices on a billboard and at the end of the county roads for more than the 20 days required by law. The commissioner said he believed all required procedures had been followed and recommended turning over those roads to Kempanaar to maintain as private roads.

The motion passed on a unanimous vote of the court.

Cyber security Training

Hopkins County Judge Robert Newsom reported that all county employees would be required to have cyber security training in the next 6 months or so per law. Newsom noted that all of the commissioners now utilize computers in their work for the precinct as do most county employees.

Newsom proposed signing an agreement with Texas Association of Counties to arrange the training for all county employees and officials who use computers.

Barker said he’d like a motion to approve the agreement to include a stipulation that all employees who may in the future use computers must attend the training, so the training wouldn’t have to be administered again for those individuals.

The motion passed unanimously. Newsom said he’d send it to TAC officials to determine the next move regarding scheduling of training.

Fire Protection Agreements

Hopkins County Commissioners Court accepted fire protection agreements returned signed by representatives for North Hopkins/South Sulphur, Pickton-Pine Forest, Sulphur Bluff and Saltillo Volunteer Fire Departments. Each VFD has to have a signed document with the county in order to receiving funding from Hopkins County.

At the last court session, the court receive and accepted agreements from Como, Cumby and Brinker VFDs. All four submitted Monday for approval were granted.

Fire protection contracts have yet to be approved for Miller Grove and Arbala VFDs. The deadline for fire protection contracts is Feb. 1.

Cornersville WSC Project

Commissioners also at Monday’s meeting approved an agreement to be executed by Hayes Engineering for Cornersville Water Supply Corporation water main improvements.

“This is something that has to go through the court, even though it’s helping the Cornersville Water Supply Corporation in Eastern Hopkins County,” Newsom said.

Asset Disposal

Commissioners approved Precinct 3 Commissioner Wade Bartley noted several pieces of old, worn pieces of equipment that he plans to sell using two different auction companies. Among the items are: a wood chipper at auction, 1998 bucket truck that needs some repairs, a hitch trailer, 1980s dump truck bed, 2 mixers (one good for parts and one still operational), a road grader that has some damage from an accident, and a road reclaimer.

“My primary intention to liquidate a lot of this equipment is to consolidate it into one piece of equipment,” Bartley said.

He noted that for the last two years, Precinct 3 has been leasing a piece of equipment that grounds the rock up and mixes oil. Bartley plans to go out for bids for a similar used piece of equipment that will also do the job of multiple pieces of equipment.

The motion to sell the equipment at auction was unanimously approved by the commissioners court.

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Author: Faith Huffman

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