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At Cooper Lake State Park, 'Life's Better Outside' Even During the Holidays!

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Cooper Lake State Park Complex Manager Steve Killian has good news if you want to get away during the holidays; there are more than 90 State Parks in Texas offering magnificent sights, exciting events as well as wide open spaces for you and your family. Here’s a great Christmas gift idea…an Annual Pass which gives you free entrance to any and all State Parks in Texas for an entire year. And not only you, but anyone in your vehicle when you come through the Park’s gate with your Pass and ID. The Annual Pass is only $70, and talk about getting a lot for your dollar, that could be the best present you give this Christmas!

From the Texas State Parks and Wildlife website, additional information is stated. “You get free entry to state parks for one year. Some parks do not charge an entry fee. Activity and camping fees still apply. The pass applies to you and your guests who are riding in the same noncommercial car or boat. The pass holder must be present and provide valid identification.
Having your physical card will significantly speed up the check-in process and is recommended. Pass information can be looked up by staff, if the pass holder’s digital profile matches the pass holder’s identification. You will need the number printed on your pass to use “iron ranger” stations or to check-in after hours. If you enter the park by bicycle, motorcycle, or on foot, you can bring as many as 14 guests with you who are entering the same way”. Look up camping as well as educational and sporting opportunities in State Parks at the same website,

Cooper Lake State Park Complex Manager Steve Killian

On Friday and Saturday December 13 and 14, 2019, there are holiday programs and events planned for the public at Cooper Lake State Park. A free ‘winter wonderland’ with a visit from Santa will begin at 6pm both nights. Live music and hot chocolate are also planned, and camping sites will be decorated for the holiday. On Saturday December 14, a Dutch Oven Cooking event will start at 11am and at 8pm, a “night view of the heavens’ program will be conducted. Also, three “first day” hikes are planned on January 1, 2020. The hikes are planned at 10am and 2pm from the South Sulphur Unit, and a 1pm hike from Doctor’s Creek Unit. Killian wishes everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year by taking advantage of the camping, boating, hiking, birding, bicycling, horseback riding and numerous other ways to get fresh air and exercise at Cooper Lake State Park in 2020.

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Author: Enola Gay

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