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Hopkins County Records For Nov. 15, 2019

Applications for Marriage Licenses

  • Darrell John Millard and Shelbe Suzette Thomas
  • Rodney Alan Herron and Sandra Kay Herron

Land transactions

  • Brittney Yager and Tana Yager to Angela Raney and Matt Raney; tract in the Flanagan Hastings survey
  • Clayton Homes #136 as CMH Homes Inc. to Kevin Williard; tract int he James Lee survey
  • James Ross Jr. and Tonya Miller Ross to Brent Price McClendon and Lacey Deann McClendon; tract in the W. Jewell survey
  • James Paul McPhearson and Sue McPhearson to Jose Cruz Mejia Mendez; tract in the J. Y’Barbo survey
  • Steven C. Childress to Bridgette Childress; tract in the William P. Smith survey
  • Stephanie Petty to Dewey Ramsey and Sandy Ramsey; tract in the Daniel Halbrook survey
  • Donald Green and Stacy Green to Evelyn Horne; tract in the William Gregg survey
  • Robert Rios and Veronica Rios to Francisco Javier Davila Ibarra and Maria D. Davila Ibarra; tract in the Davidson Addition
  • Carol Overstreet and Don Carson Overstreet to Charles Sickles and Tracie Sickles; tract in the J. Y’Barbo survey
  • Mary Casey to Lisa Lashawn Hawkins; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Vivian Dennis-Monzingo, independent executor for the Montie Gene Monzingo Estate, to Vivian Dennis-Monzingo; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Carolyn Lawson and Randy Millsap to Kason Childress; tract in the Tate Addition
  • Gary Lewis and Rachel Lewis to Daniel Lopez and Javier Estrada Lopez; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Gary Lewis and Raechel Lewis to Javier Estrada Lopez; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Andy Newsome and Beryl Newsome to James B. Jumper Jr. and Valerie K. Jumper; tract in the William Hoosier survey
  • Patsy Ruth Allen to Cleta Allen; tract in the John Reed survey
  • Ralph Nolan Doss to Amber Lee Lowe and Brian Christopher Lowe; tract in the Santos Coy survey
  • First Untied Methodist Church Sulphur Springs to Chelsea L. DeLorge and Jeremy R. DeLorge; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Edgar Sanchez, Heriberto Sanchez, Jose Sanchez, Mariana Sanchez and Marcedes Sanchez to Leonel Sanchez; tract in the Levi Landers survey
  • Abbey E. Roper and Daniel P. Roper III to Grover L. Davis and Linda L. Davis; tract in the M.J. Santos Coy survey
  • Gary Odom and Patricia Chapman Odom to Debora S. Berry and Roger Earl Berry; tract in the Jose Ybarbo survey
  • Linda L. Deas to Alon Webb Riera and Kristal Riera; tract in the Willis Chambers survey
  • David L. Morris and Deborah J. Morris to Gustavo A. Gomez; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey
  • Judith G. Grissom, independently and as independent executor for the Ronald Dean Grissom Estate, to Howard Todd Foltz and Tracy Lynn Foltz; tract in the Antonio Lazarin survey
  • Amy W. McLeroy and Jim D. McLeroy to McLeroy Building LLC; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Belinda Ann Dickey to Arvis Tanton and Sheila Tanton; tract in the Hugh Curlin survey
  • Eugene H. Lucas Jr. to Everett Jennings; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Rachel Kuzhuvelil and Varghese Kuzhuvelil to Jayamole K. Cherian and Jancy Rajan; tract in the AJ Butts survey
  • Clifton Lee Elmore, deceased and Floy Mae Elmore or Floy May Elmore to Dan Elmore, Joe Elmore, Ray Elmore, Nell Fleming, Mickie Lunceford and Kay Williams
  • Donna Morgan and Jon Morgan to James Ethan Davenport; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Texas Ranchitos LLC to Jesus Castaneda Servin; tract in the Jeremiah Ward survey
  • Grant Bible and Lucille Bible to Anthony E. Bible and Rhonda Drachenberg; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • ADJ Minerals LTD to Jane A. Johnson Family LLC and Mirabile Minerals LP
  • Gary Gloake Johnson and Lindsey Huffman Johnson to Ross and Johnson Real Estate LLC; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Dale McMahan and Sherri McMahan to Cassidy Ann Cameron and Justin Doyle Cameron; tract in the Maria J. Santos Coy survey
  • Billy Wayne Bassham Jr., Franklin Brett Bassham, Stacy Ann McMinn and Michael Scott Steele to Elmo Murphy Lee and Kathy Mitchell Lee; tract in the Santos Coy survey
  • Sandra Darrellene Wright to Jack R. Reeves Jr. and Lynnette H. Reeves; tract in the AW Waller survey
  • Bobby Wayne King and Edna King to Leslie King Towne; tract in the Jasper County School Land survey
  • Charles Ferrell, Steve Ferrell, Rose Mary Fielden and Patty Williams to Jackey Ferrell; tract in the Charles Thompson survey
Hopkins County Clerk’s Office, 128 Jefferson St., Suite C, Sulphur Springs, Texas

Author: Faith Huffman

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