Stewpot Showdown! Scenes from History-making Stew Day 2019

Judging underway on Stewgrounds!

Stew Day in Sulphur Springs, Texas dawned energizingly cool but quite damp from overnight rains, however that did not dampen the spirits of the cooks and volunteers busily preparing the official dish of Hopkins County! Pictured are just a few of the individual camps where cooking teams were ready to compete for the for the biggest World Championship Hopkins County Stew Contest to date: the 50th Anniversary contest! Again, this is just a small portion of the campsites. With 187 sites ballooning out to the fringes of Buford Park, I did not get to visit every site! So, in addition to this photo collection, please watch KSST’s Cable Channel 18 TV’s coverage of individual sites and the presentation of winners. Within the program, we will place all the 2019 Stew activities and replay the program numerous times into early November. Every participant is to be congratulated! Enjoy!

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Author: Enola Gay

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