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Curb And Sidewalk Ordinances Receive City Council Approval

Sulphur Springs City Council

Sulphur Springs City Council approved on second and final reading Tuesday night proposed changes to ordinances prohibiting curbside parking at intersections and use of certain wheeled conveyances in certain areas of town.

Curb Parking

Ordinance No. 2759 amends Chapter 25 of the Code of Ordinances to include Section 25-82.1, which prohibits curbside parking within 30 feet of any intersection inside the city limits.

The motion receive unanimous approval without further discussion.

Sidewalk Ordinance

Ordinance No. 2760 changes the title of Chapter 25, Article IV, to “Bicycles, Scooters and other wheeled conveyances” and expands the wheeled items prohibited from use on sidewalks in commercially zoned areas of the city to include skateboards, scooters and other similar devices.

Councilwoman Erica Armstrong noted there had been “a terrible misunderstanding” among some community members regarding this proposed change.

“I would like to request too, just because we have literally taken a beating over this for no reason, that it be publicly announced that it is for commercial property only and not residential properties. We are not forcing children to ride their skateboard in the street. It is only for commercial properties,” Armstrong said.

“Yes, it is only for commercially zoned properties,” City Attorney Jim McLeroy affirmed.

“I think there was just some kind of misconception about what exactly that ordinance was,” Armstrong said.

McLeroy pointed out that the city ordinance is continue as currently in place as to what areas it affects. It simply expands the items to include skateboards, scooters, in-line skates and other similar devices among the wheeled conveyances prohibited from use on sidewalks in commercially zoned areas, including downtown.

Councilman Jimmy Lucas asked if signs are required to be posted before the new ordinance could be enforced in commercially zoned areas.

“We are going to put signs up before fines are effective. We are going to put signs up, in the downtown area primarily, I think, but they may wind up on some commercially zoned properties like Walmart and places like that,” McLeroy said.

Armstrong noted some privately owned commercial properties already have signs up. McLeroy said it may be suggested in the future that the ordinance be referred to when signs are placed on commercially zoned properties in the future.

The sidewalk ordinance amendment received unanimous approve from the City Council at the Oct. 1 meeting.

Author: Faith Huffman

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