Coach Owens Says Wildcats Must Win Out to Secure Playoff Spot

At his weekly media gathering Wednesday (October 23), Wildcats Football Coach Greg Owens said the Wildcats must win the last three district games to have a shot at the playoffs. He said the Wildcats control their destiny as long as there are no upsets. Coach Owens said in his opinion the Wildcats are competing with Greenville and North Forney for the last playoff spot. The Wildcats will play those two over the next three weeks along with Kaufman. He said the Wildcats have to keep from shooting themselves in the foot. Coach Owens said the Wildcats have a chance and have been competing in every game. He expects a spirited game against Greenville Friday at Gerald Prim Stadium. Like in past years, a playoff spot is on the line and in past years it’s usually been the Wildcats winning and knocking the Lions out of the playoffs. Coach Owens said this year’s Greenville team is the best Coach Darren Duke has had in the past 4 or5 years. Coach Owens said the Lions have an electric quarterback and are confident and winning. He said they have more speed, more skill and are healthier. Coach Owens said Greenville has a lot of juniors and seniors on their roster and have not had to bring up lots of younger players like the Wildcats and other district teams. Coach Owens said the Wildcats need to win the turnover battle. He expects both teams to be fired up Friday night. Coach Owens gave players a new mantra this week: one more mile, just run the next mile. He said they have had good practices this week and he said they appear to be loose. He hopes that’s a good thing.

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Author: Matt Janson

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