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Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Said Strong Royse City Defense Hampered Wildcats Last Friday

Here is the way Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young described the Wildcats offensive play against Royse City last Friday in the 36-9 loss on Homecoming at The Prim. First he said the Wildcats did a good job on execution and on their assignments Friday. He added the Bulldogs physically got after the Wildcats. Coach Young said the disruption by Royse City’s nose guard made the Wildcats running game just about non-existent. He said the Wildcats fought their tails off. He said it was about as hard as he’s ever seen an offensive line have to fight snap after snap. He said running backs got what they could get which was often just a yard or two. Coach Young said at one point in the game the Wildcats had a 13 play drive that would usually put you into the end zone or at least the red zone. In this case, the Wildcats were only at midfield. It was taking them three or four plays to get ten yards. Coach Young credited quarterback Kaden Wallace with playing better. He did say near the end of the game, Wallace began to pick receivers rather than reading what was available. Coach Young said Chase Haney made a big catch to convert a third and 16 situation. He said Bryant Sanchez mae on good run. He said running backs did a good job receiving and then running after the catch. He called it something to build on. Coach Young praised the offensive tackle play of Giovanni Pizano and Somjai Pryor. He said there was some pressure on the quarterback the first two series but then he noted it eased up until the fourth quarter. Overall he said the offense has to get better. Coach Young said the attitude has been very good in practice this week. Going into last Friday’s game, he said the Royse City defense would be the best the Wildcats have faced this year and he said that played out Friday. He compared the 14 first downs the Wildcats got Friday with their average of over 20 and about 200 yards of offense to the usual 350 yards. Coach Young said this week the offensive staff is assessing the things the offense does well so they can build on those. On the offensive weaknesses, he said the staff would decide to make improvements to those areas or perhaps not to do those things anymore. He said the off week was an opportunity for the Wildcats to get refocused.

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Author: Matt Janson

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