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NETBIO Sale Results

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NETBIO producers sell 4,634 head of cattle

Producers sold 4,634 head of pre-conditioned cattle at the September Northeast Texas Beef Improvement Organization (NETBIO) sale held Wednesday in the Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission auction market.

“We had a lot of good cattle consigned to the sale and there was a lot of interest from the buyers — both those at the sale and some buying over the Internet,” said David Fowler, co-owner of the livestock commission. He said a total of 1,181 head sold to buyers over the Internet.

“Producers continue to do a great job of pre-conditioning and getting their cattle ready for this sale,” Fowler said. He added that the market was good for these times and reflected the good quality of cattle and the pre-conditioning that producers offered for sale.

A total of 234 producers (NETBIO members) sold cattle at the sale. Nineteen buyers purchased all the cattle at an average of $786.73 per head. The demand was very good for all weights of cattle,

Fowler said one feed yard in Kansas purchased 1,439 head of the pre-conditioned calves and yearlings. Most of the cattle purchased over the Internet went to two feed yards in the Texas Panhandle. The light cattle, Fowler added, were purchased to go west for grazing and finishing. A buyer from California was on hand at the auction market to purchase 145 head of calves that went to a Kansas feed yard.

The NETBIO Stocker and Feeder Calf Sale is the marketing arm for members of the organization and gives producers a place to offer their pre-conditioned calves and yearlings for sale in load lot quantities. NETBIO conducts eight of these pre-conditioned calf sales per year, all at the Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission.

Two more sales are scheduled this year. The next NETBIO sale will be held on Wednesday, October 16. It will be followed by the November Anniversary Sale that will take place on Nov. 20. All the sales begin at 1 p.m. Consignment books are open for both these remaining sales.

Producers can call the Livestock Market at 885-2455 or stop by the exchange office.
All NETBIO auctions are broadcast on the Internet via LMA Internet buyers should register in advance in order to bid.

Dwyatt Bell, second from right, chief operating officer of NETBIO, and Rebecca McDaniel, left, were busy at the NETBIO cattle sale Wednesday
Sulphur Springs Livestock NETBIO2
Sulphur Springs Livestock NETBIO2

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Author: Chad Young

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