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Woman Accused of Alcohol Consumption, Spitting On Cop At Travel Center


A 23-year-old woman allegedly consumed alcohol on the premises of a local truck stop and displayed aggressive behavior toward officers who located her at another. She was arrested Saturday night, according to police reports.

Sulphur Springs police were told the woman purchased alcohol and a stick of beef jerky, then began drinking the alcohol inside Pilot Travel Center. When told by store staff not consume the alcohol in the store, she allegedly told them she didn’t care if she went to jail. She reportedly continued to drink the beverage while trying to exit the store, falling into the door before getting it open and leaving, police alleged in arrest reports.

Police attempted to locate the woman, who they were told was last seen walking toward the truck parking area. They were unable to locate her.

A short time later, the woman was reported to have reentered the South Hillcrest Drive business. When police arrived, however, they were told the woman yet again had left, reportedly walking across the highway to Love’s Travel Stop, officers alleged in arrest reports.

The woman was reportedly inside Love’s when police arrived. Police spotted a woman matching the description given for the suspect in a beer cooler. As an officer approached her, the woman allegedly threatened to punch him in the face and became verbally aggressive toward him.

The officers alleged an alcohol odor could be smelled on her breath as she spoke with slurred speech. When asked about the alcohol consumption, she allegedly admitted to eating a stick of beef, which the officer believed confirmed she was the woman from Pilot, who had purchased beef jerky.

Once officers got her outside, they alleged the woman continued to shout and curse, after being warned multiple times to cease doing so. The officer, in arrest reports, claims when he asked her if he could perform horizontal gaze nystamus tests, the woman told him he could, but continued shouting and arguing with the policeman, preventing him twice from administering the HGN test to her.

The woman then allegedly stepped close to the officer, accidentally spitting on him. The officer alleged, in arrest reports, that when he asked her to step back and not spit again she placed her fingers to her mouth and made a hand gesture of spitting, causing more spit to strike the officer in the face.

The woman was placed into handcuffs and taken into custody for public intoxication about 11:45 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 3. Upon arrival at the jail, the policeman requested an inmate clean out the back of his patrol vehicle, where he alleged the woman had spit in multiple locations, he noted in arrest reports.

The 23-year-old allegedly refused to provide any more information than her name and date of birth, and had no ID on her, preventing officials from completing the portion of the arrest report containing her address and other personal information.

The 23-year-old was released from jail on the public intoxication charge Sunday.

Author: Faith Huffman

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