Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Alex Guerra More Comfortable in Second Year on the Job

Wildcats Football Defensive Coordinator Alex Guerra is in his second year with the Wildcats. He admits he feels more comfortable in this his second year. Coach Guerra says he has an awesome defensive staff with every member returning this season. He says he also is more comfortable in his second year with the players. Coach Guerra says building the defense this year is not difficult with the players and coaches he has. He says a lot of guys played some last year. Coach Guerra says it all about putting kids in the right position. Concerning sharing players with the offense, he says that is all about conditioning. He says small schools have been doing that for years. Coach Guerra says he and Offensive Coordinator Matt Young do a great job scheduling players. Concerning this year’s Wildcats defense, he says his number one players have been great and his number two’s are coming around. He says some of the backups have stepped up and others are beginning to surprise him. Coach Guerra says he’ll see how they do Thursday in the first scrimmage at Liberty-Eylau. He says defensive coaches have added stuff for the defenders to do this season and he says he wants the players to get better at doing those things. Monday’s (August 19) workout was the hottest so far this season for the Wildcats who hit the field shortly after 5 p.m., an hour earlier than they have been. The temperature hovered near 100 degrees as the athletic trainers worked hard to see that that players were drinking lots of water and were handling the intense heat.

Author: Matt Janson

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