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Delta County Courthouse Reportedly Closed Due To Flooding, Storm Damages

Anyone visiting Delta County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon was greeted by this sign, Grace Stone Crabb posted on Facebook on Aug. 27.

Delta County Courthouse is reportedly “closed indefinitely” due to flooding from the heavy storm which ripped through the area Tuesday morning.

The courthouse staff waded in to protect as many records and county property inside the courthouse as possible Tuesday, Grace Stone Crabb reported in her Delta County Courthouse flooding 8/27/19 Facebook post.

Crabb, who works in Delta County Clerk’s Office, late Tuesday morning reported that all floors of the Delta County Courthouse had sustained flooding and damages. Water reportedly poured down the elevator shaft and through the elevator onto the floor, and flooding in the district/county courtroom was reported to be even worse. Enough water covered the floor of the basement to cover staff’s shoes, according to Crabb.

At least one water rescue was reported to have been performed. An SUV got caught in the raising flood water that rose to the bottom of the vehicle. Courthouse staff reportedly waded out and pushed the vehicle out of the road.

No plan had reportedly been announced to county employees Tuesday night for an alternate location or otherwise for courthouse business.

A water rescue Tuesday morning on Dallas Avenue in Delta County, posted by Grace Stone Crabb on Facebook

Author: Faith Huffman

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