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Dallas Man Allegedly Tased Multiple Times While Trying To Run From Cumby Police

Cumby police allegedly Tased a Dallas man multiple times when he attempted to run from them during a routine traffic stop early Thursday morning. The man was also allegedly identified by at least three names that differed from the one he was eventually arrested under.

A Cumby police officer reportedly stopped a Dodge Avenger at 1:47 a.m. Aug. 22 between the 109 and 110 mile markers on Interstate 30. The driver was identified as a 30-year-old man and the passenger as a 55-year-old man. The Cumby officer, in arrest reports, alleged he suspected the pair to be engaging in criminal activity. The driver allegedly kept changing his story each time the officer asked about the pair’s travel plans. This make the officer suspect he was lying. The passenger also gave travel plans that differed from those given by the driver.

When asked, the 30-year-old driver reportedly refused to let the officer search the car. The officer advised he would be calling for a police K-9 and was detaining them in handcuffs for his safety as well as the man’s. He conceded and was placed into handcuffs without incident, the Cumby officer alleged in arrest reports.

When police attempted to place the passenger into handcuffs, however, the man “resisted by forcefully pulling away from me,” the Cumby officer alleged in arrest reports. When the police sergeant attempted to grab the man, he resisted then tried to run from the officer, arrest reports stated.

Thus, the Cumby officer alleged he deployed his Taser and tased the man multiple times before he eventually complied with verbal commands and stopped resisting police efforts. The Cumby officer stated he waited for additional law enforcement to arrive to assist before again attempting to place the man into custody. A Hunt County officers was the first to arrive; the man was then placed into custody, according to reports.

Cumby’s police chief then arrived and had his police canine conduct a free air sniff search around the car; the dog gave multiple positive alerts, which lead to a probable cause vehicle search, according to arrest reports.

When police found no illegal contraband in the black car, he released it and the driver. The passenger, however, was taken to jail.

At the jail, the man identified himself by the same first name and date of birth but reversed his last names. A short time later, jailers advised they had found a Social Security card in the man’s possession with an entirely different name. When the officer asked the man if he’d given him a false name previously he told them he was the man named on the card. He then gave a date of birth that would make him 45 years old, not 55.

A records check by dispatchers, however, showed no information for a person by that name and date of birth. A records check using the Social Security number showed it did not match the name and information given either, according to arrest reports.

Cumby police alleged Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials were contacted and advised they would respond at Hopkins County jail to investigate the man’s identity. The man was held in jail for failure to identify by giving false or fictitious information and for resisting arrest, search or transport, Cumby police noted in arrest reports.

The man was later identified and booked into the jail on both misdemeanor charges at 5:04 a.m. Aug. 22 under yet another name and date of birth, that’d make him a 57-year-old Dallas resident. The man remained in the county jail Friday morning, Aug. 23, on $2,000 bond on the resisting arrest, search or transport Charge and $1,000 on the failure to identify charges, according to jail and arrest reports.

Author: Faith Huffman

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