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Tire Ordinance Passes; Sulphur Springs Businesses Have 6 Months To Comply

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Local tire businesses will be limited in the number of scrap and used tires on their property, as well as how they may be stored.

Sulphur Springs City Council Tuesday evening approved Ordinance 2746, which amends the city code regarding tire businesses.

Businesses will be restricted to 500 used or scrap tires on the ground outside on the property. Those outside of the business must be secured from public view and covered to prevent rainwater from getting into them. The number of tires stored in enclosed trailers will be limited to 1,500.

Every two weeks, tire businesses must consider “vector control,” that is check for mosquitoes, rodents, snakes and other things the tires could harbor that would be potentially harmful to humans, and if found treat the area to prevent the hazard.

Existing tire businesses will have 6 months to meet the new regulations.

Sulphur Springs City Attorney Jim McLeroy told the council he learned while attending a used tire class taught by the Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center 2 weeks ago. Based on the information he gleaned, the ordinance as proposed may not be the same as any other city’s but it does meet state requirements for a scrap tire ordinance.

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Author: Faith Huffman

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