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Flowers Foods Inc. Recalls Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns, Other Baked Items

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If you’re planning to have a burger or hot dog, or to serve dinner rolls, you’ll want to be sure to check the packaging as numerous brands produced by Flowers Foods Inc. are being recalled.

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Flowers Foods Inc. issued the voluntarily recall of certain hamburger and hot dog buns and other bakery products on July 9 due to the potential presence of small pieces of hard plastic that may have been introduced during production. The plastic pieces were reportedly found in production equipment.

Consumption of product may cause a choking hazard; So far, No related injuries or illnesses have been reported, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Any affected product should be discarded or returned to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Products which all have “best by” dates of July 18 and 19, were distributed retailers in 18 states, including Texas, under a variety of brand names, including Wonder, Sunbeam, Laura Lynn, Great Value, Nature’s Own, Clover Valley, 7-11 and Flowers.

Some of the recalled items include, by produce description, UPC, best by date and lot number:

CLOVER VALLEY 8CT HAMBURGER BUNS70210007595July 18 and July 19 2019111, 180
CLOVER VALLEY 8CT HOT DOG BUNS70210007601July 19 2019111, 180
GREAT VALUE 100% WHOLE WHEAT HAMBURGER BUNS78742008004July 18 2019111
GREAT VALUE 8CT HAMBURGER BUNS78742223759July 18 and July 19 2019111, 180
GREAT VALUE 8CT HOT DOG BUNS78742097282July 19 2019111, 180
SUNBEAM 8CT HAMBURGER BUNS77633063283July 19 2019180
SUNBEAM 8CT HOT DOG BUNS77633063740July 19 2019180
WM 8CT HAMBURGER BUNS (PAN PARA SANDWICH)78742048680July 18 2019111
WONDER 12CT DINNER ROLLS72250074216July 18 2019180
WONDER 24CT DINNER ROLLS72250011693July 18 2019180
WONDER 8CT HAMBURGER BUNS72250021098July 18 2019111
WONDER 8CT HONEY HAMBURGER BUNS72250021128July 18 2019111
WONDER 8CT HOT DOG BUNS72250021081July 19 2019111, 180
WONDER PULL-A-PART BBQ BREAD72250020923July 18 2019180
NATURAL GRAIN 12CT HOT DOG BUNS73105920597July 18 2019111
NATURAL GRAIN 8CT HAMBURGER BUNS73105920580July 18 2019111
NATURE’S OWN 8CT 100% WHOLE WHEAT HAMBURGER BUNS72250003988July 18 2019111
NATURE’S OWN 8CT BUTTER HAMBURGER BUNS72250023139July 18 2019111
OVEN FRESH 8CT HAMBURGER BUNS72250024716July 18 and July 19 2019111, 180
OVEN FRESH 8CT HOT DOG BUNS72250024389July 19 2019111, 180

For a full list of recalled products, visit the FDA or Flowers Foods Inc. websites.

Questions regarding the recall may be directed to Flowers’ Consumer Relations Center at 1-866-245-8921. The center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Consumers also may contact the center by leaving a message at

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Author: Faith Huffman

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