Commissioners To Work On Budget; Consider Contracts, Inter-local Agreements At Monday Meetings

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Hopkins County Commissioners Court has held work sessions every day this week, meeting with other county staff and officials to begin developing a county budget for the upcoming fiscal year. By midweek, it’d become apparent that the biggest needs are for the fire and sheriff’s departments, and county roads. The court members have continued working in an effort to soon have a proposed budget ready.

The commissioners are slated to meet twice Monday, July 15, one during regular session at 9 a.m. on the first floor, then later during a work session on the third floor of Hopkins County Courthouse.

In a work session, HCCC is scheduled to continue shaping up the budget, meet with an individual regarding tree trimmers and receive a facilities update. The work session will immediately follow a regular court session, which begins at 9 a.m. Monday and will include items which could help fund some road repairs. Specifically, the court will be asked to consider approving submission of multiple hazard mitigation assistance grant applications for DR-4416 and the appointment of the county judge as the chief executive officer and authorized representative to act in all matters in connection with a FEMA mitigation grants; and the court to consider and approve the commitment of the county to provide the 25 percent or more local matching funds to secure and complete the FEMA mitigation grants for DR-4416.

Monday’s regular court agenda also includes approving a 2019-2020 holiday calendar; inter-local agreements for 911 service and equipment, with Rockwall county and Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for county workstation equipment; lease purchase financing for equipment for Precinct 3; contract for internet and phone services; and appointment of three people as directors for Lake Fork Creek Water Control Improvement District #1.

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Author: Faith Huffman

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