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Coach Cipoletta Offers Conditioning, Agility Drills And More For Players This Summer

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Wildcats Basketball Coach Clark Cipoletta is among the Sulphur Springs coaches who are offering voluntary conditioning and agility workouts for players this summer.

Tuesday morning, July 2, Coach Cipoletta had his players going over and back, over a short fence that surrounds the band practice field and then doing some sprints.

He says his players are lifting weights and doing running and conditioning drills several times a weeks. The players can also practice a couple of times a week and they are also offered time to shoot on their own.

Coach Cipoletta says he is getting players out of their comfort zone to make them more mentally tough. He says he wants to put the players in challenging situations, where they can push themselves and hopefully grow in those moments.

Coach Cipoletta says a really good group is showing up. He says they are a hungry group and he hopes the hard work will pay off when the season starts. Coach Cipoletta says mental toughness is something players can’t do without.

He says players show up to repeat what they have done and hopefully go places they haven’t been before and he says hard work is what it takes to accomplish those things.

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Author: Faith Huffman

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