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The “Whipped Challenge”… Cooking Teams Heat Up For June 15 Contest in New Venue

Smiley face R. Tracy Fox. Cindy Lancaster and ‘Whipped’ Committee Chair Missy Caddell

Here’s an exciting new Dairy Festival contest with a new venue for 2019! The “Whipped” Cooking Challenge will be held on the morning of Saturday June 15 inside Heritage Park’s new Winniford House multi-purpose facility. Spectators are encouraged to attend! Admission is free! A team briefing will held at 9 am, with the Challenge getting started at 10:15 am.

According to the trio of Dairy Festival Board members who visited the studio on Friday June 7, cooking teams can still enter as of Saturday June 8. Teams must have four members, with each team’s captain delegating duties in the timed-event food preparation competition. Each cooking team will be provided with basic ingredients for a three-course meal. Each will prepare and submit first an appetizer, then a main dish, and finally a dessert in the three divisions of competition. In addition to basic ingredients, there will be a dry pantry of staples and a chilled pantry of dairy products. Each course must be prepared with at least two dairy products. Teams are allowed to bring their own standard equipment from home, such as knives, mixing utensils and small appliances which can be used in the preparation of the courses.

For each course, once the starting bell is heard, teams have a half-hour to create a recipe, slice, dice, blend, mix, cook and otherwise prepare the course and get the plated entry to the judging table before the allotted time runs out. That’s the challenge! Taste, appearance and plate-appeal will be among the criteria used by the panel of judges. Some teams will be advance after each course is judged, with some teams getting eliminated in each round. Following the dessert course, this year’s Whipped Challenge winner will be announced. It’s one of the creative ways Hopkins County celebrates Dairy Festival and our dairying heritage. Influenced by the television show “Chopped”, the unique local contest was created in 2018 through the co-operation of the agents at the Texas Agrilife Extension office in Sulphur Springs.

For entry info, contact Missy Caddell, Committee Chairman at 903-438-6381 or pick up an entry form in Alliance Bank downtown lobby.

A winning team of cooks from 2018 !

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Author: Enola Gay

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