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Meet Dairy Festival Contestants # 7, #8, #9

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The final trio of 2019 Dairy Festival Queen’s candidates appeared in an interview on June 13, 2019 during the KSST Good Morning Show with Enola Gay. Each contestant shared her fun, exciting and memorable experiences with Dairy Festival! They look forward to the Queen’s Pageant and Coronation on Saturday June 15, 2019 in the SSISD Auditorium at 7pm. Tickets are $10 at the door.

Contestants #7 Annmarie Gunn, #8 Madison Nordin and #9 Rachel Bramlett

Contestant #7 is Annmarie Gunn, a Senior at Sulphur Springs High School who is a state winner in UIL academic events. She has taken dance instruction since age 4, and will sing and and tap dance to ‘If They Could See Me Now’ from the musical “Sweet Charity” as her talent on Pageant night. She selected a blue and white floral ball gown for her presentation in evening wear. Annmarie’s float-building efforts produced a good-looking float which sported the theme “Harvest Moon”. She experienced her first hot air balloon ride with a great pilot and crew. Her flight actually ended up on Wildcat Way! And she successfully milked her first cow ever during the contest, and though Annmarie didn’t place, her parents won the blue ribbon in the Milking Contest! Annmarie Gunn, Contestant #7, feels that participating Dairy Festival is a once in a lifetime opportunity. She became a fan of the Festival, when watching from the audience, she saw Kate Watson win the crown. Annmarie plans to major in English at Texas A and M University, Commerce and seek a career in Communications and Management of non-profit organizationas.

Madison Nordin was first introduced to Dairy Festival by her grandmother, who took her to a Pageant when Madison was in 5th grade.That’s the year Molly Millsap was named Dairy festival Queen, and young Madison thought that was really “cool”. At Sulphur Springs High School, Madison serves as mascot “Wally the Wildcat” and is active in Key Club and HKK while taking dual-credit classes. Both she and her parents placed second in the cow milking contest. And, with her family’s help, she built a parade float that carried a huge papier-mache moon with a rocket in a “Fly Me to the Moon” theme, commemorating the 1969 first moon walk. Madison’s talent is original stand-up comedy. She claims that her home is “comedy central” and that her family is a huge inspiration for comedy. Look for Madison Nordin, Contestant #8, in a teal evening gown with pearl-and-diamond sparkles during the Pageant. She plans a career as dermatologist.

Rachel Bramlett, Contestant #9, has had a richly enjoyable time preparing for the Dairy Festival Queen’s Pageant. As a 4th grader new to town, she had attended a Pageant with her mom, and was so impressed that she decided she would one day do that too! Her parade float displayed “Audrey Heifer” and waterfall with a ‘Moon River’ theme. Rachel’s talent presentation is a comedic musical number, and during the formal wear portion, she will appear in a blue evening gown that makes her feel ‘like Cinderella’. Because her interests include singing, dancing and acting, she competes in high school UIL as well as taking private vocal training, tap lessons and performance theater training. A published author with an essay in the Texas Theater Journal, Rachel claimed 2018 UIL District Champion in Prose and 2019 UIL Best Actress at the District level. Her college goals include a major in theater and a minor in journalism. Other goals include living in New York and writing for Broadway-based publications, for Rachel Bramlett, Contestant #9.

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Author: Enola Gay

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