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Local Businesses Be Aware of Who You Purchase Poster Ads From

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Here’s a story that seems to come up every year at about this time. Wildcats Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Greg Owens is seeking the news media’s help.

He wants us to inform businesses that want to support school athletic programs to make sure that when they are contacted by someone putting together a poster to make sure they are school personnel and not some outsider. Someone is currently making the rounds of businesses trying to get them on a football poster and posing as school personnel.

School sponsored ads on posters support local student athletes. The Sulphur Springs High School Athletic Department is currently working on their own annual football poster. Ads for that poster are solicited by Wildcats Football Coaches and funds benefit student athletes.

Out of town people keep the money they get for ads for their poster. A man told one business woman that he was going through the local chamber of commerce directory and calling on all the names for ads for a football poster. A poster may be produced but funds don’t go for student athletes. Businesses beware.

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Author: Faith Huffman

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