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Las Lecheras Meet Whipped Challenge With Creative Dishes

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Las Lecheras met the challenge Saturday at the Dairy Festival’s timed, creative cooking competition. Ana Aguilar Shew, Jessie Aguilar Redding, Yadira Aguilar Caruthers and Victoria Shew took home the first place prize of a classic Dutch oven and goody bags from the Whipped Challenge.

The team went three rounds of food preparation, crafting and servings a creative dessert that put them in ahead of fellow finalists, the Butter Chaos team consisting of Myra Watson, Mary Ellen Hoybook, Maleta Reynolds and Jajan Davis.

Las Lecheras win the 2019 Whipped Challenge

It was a tough competition that started with six teams. Each of the teams, consisting of at least four members each, was required to prepare and submit using the ingredients provided a dish for judging. Two teams were eliminated after each round, leaving only two team competing in the final leg of competition. Each course had to include at least two dairy products. Teams were allowed to bring their own standard equipment such as knives, mixing utensils and small appliances which can be used in the preparation of the courses.

Teams were given 30 minutes to create a recipe, slice, dice, blend, mix, cook and otherwise prepare the course and get the plated entry to the judging table. Taste, appearance and plate-appeal were among the criteria used by the panel of judges.

The Rosemary Society and Gouda Group were eliminated after the first round, in which teams prepared an appetizer using ingredients such as cranberries, avocados, bread and M&Ms.

After the main dishes which included canned lunch meat were plated and judged, the Legend Dairy and Alliance Bakers teams were out, leaving only the Las Lecheras and Butter Chaos. Las Lacheras came in just ahead with their dessert to win the challenge.

Author: Faith Huffman

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