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June 9 Mahoney Homecoming is 70th Annual Event

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Jerry Voss, native of Mahoney, Texas

Jerry Voss is a third-generation farming landowner in the Mahoney community of Hopkins County, and a member of the Mahoney Cemetery Association. He recounted a bit of history during a KSST Good Morning Show interview on Friday May 31, 2019. “The rural area became a community after Colonel Mahoney settled there in 1857 on ranching land. During it’s peak years, it boasted a school, two churches and a thriving number of families. The Methodist Church, which is still in use today, was started in 1919 and completed by local labor in 1921. Next to it is the Mahoney Cemetery, in use since 1901. Each year, descendants of the original settlers as well as new families gather ‘back home’ for the Mahoney Homecoming at a church and memorial service followed by dinner on the grounds”.

Voss related how one day at church in the 1940’s, his mother Louise Voss and her friend Lucille Jordan, mother of L.B.and Dennis Jordan, decided there should be an annual Homecoming under the oak trees on the property. They got it organized, then perpetuated it all through their lives. Also back then, G.H. ‘Uncle Bud’ Mitchell and the men of the community would hold a workday to clean up the cemetery and church grounds, while others placed flowers and flags in the cemetery in preparation for the Homecoming. Though the founders rest now in the Mahoney Cemetery, since 1949 their wishes have been observed by their families on the second Sunday in June.

The Homecoming will begin at 10:45 am on Sunday June 8, 2019. Jess Tomasik will lead group singing and Ace Hamner, a veteran member of the Texas Aggie Singing Cadets, will provide special music. Recognitions including the oldest and youngest in attendance and the largest family present will be given. Following a program on church and community history, there will be time for memories and stories to be shared by family members. Lunch will be shared family-style under the covered pavilion. Bring a folding table and chairs, and enough food for your family and to be shared! Guests are invited.

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Author: Enola Gay

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