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Beverley, Bill Owens To Co-Chair Hopkins County United Way 2019-20 Campaign

Hopkins County United Way’s new board members, 2019-20 campaign co-chairs and theme, budget and allocations committee were announced Wednesday, June 5.

Lifelong Hopkins County residents Beverley and Bill Owens were announced Wednesday as the co-chairs for Hopkins County United Way’s 2019-2020 fundraising campaign.

“I am very excited for Bill and Beverley this year. We are here to be your support group. If you need help reach out and lean on us. You are going to do a great job,” said Mike Jumper, HCUW president. ” You’re going to be successful. It’s going to be a fun and great experience for you. I hope you get as much out of it as I did when I went through it. It’s a great opportunity for us to help our community.”

Beverley has been involved with HCUW for more than 20 years as a campaign worker and volunteers. She has also served on several HCUW committees through the years. She also volunteers with several community organizations that benefit from United Way funds, so she knows first hand a lot of the needs.

Each has also been involved with the community through Trinity Harvest Church of God and their work.

Bill Owens says he’s known about HCUW for a long time and has always considered it to be a good thing, but has not been involved aside from contributing. He says he knows there are many needs in the community that HCUW helps serve, and is learning a lot more about HCUW.

Bill Owens announced the proposed theme for the 2019-20 campaign is to “Be a HERO, Give to the United Way.” “By being a HERO, H-E-R-O-, give hope, empowerment, renewing and opportunities,” he explained.

For example, HCUW gives hope for 1,250 families, 36 percent of those who are unemployed and 28 percent disabled, through CANHelp where they receive food, clothing, help with rent and other basic necessities, Bill Owens said

HCUW helps give empowerment by helping Boy Scouts prepare for adult life.

United Way offers renewing for those trapped in substance abuse through recovery, education and prevention through East Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

HCUW helps provide opportunities for kids to learn sewing skills, do livestock shows food nutrition workshops, public speaking by being part of a Hopkins County 4-H Club.

“So HERO, I’m reminded today’s the 75th anniversary of D-Day, where thousands of heroes gave everything they had by storming Omaha Beach to give hope, empowerment, renewing and opportunity to the world. Our challenge this year is to storm Hopkins County for those that need in our own little community, by giving them hope, empowerment, renewing and opportunity by volunteering and giving in any way we can through the United Way,” Bill Owens said. “We ask for your prayers, for Beverley and I to be the HEROs we need to be. Thank you all for being a hero.”

Also recognized were new HCUW board members Larry Crowson, Markeda Fisher, Mike Horne, Sherry McGraw and Bill Owens. They join Mike Jumper, Charlotte Henderson, Adam Teer, Beverly Owens, Larry Willis, Debra Evans and Chuck Askins.

Serving on the Budget and Allocations Committee are Mike Jumper, Beverley Owens, Bill Owens, Charlotte Henderson, Bob Weaver, Tim Kelty and Joey Baker. This group spends two days interviewing representatives from the various non-profit agencies requesting assistance, then allocations funds accordingly.

“I always feel there is a lot of responsibility serving on it because we’ve only got so many dollars. It seems like the need is always greater every year, but the budget is not always relative to the need. We’ve got to be good stewards with our funds. I appreciate everybody for stepping up and being on that allocations committee,” Jumper said.

The Owens also announced the dates for 2019-2020 campaign. The campaign workers luncheon will be held at noon Wednesday, Sept. 18, at Southwest Dairy Museum. The lead donor luncheon will be one week later, starting at noon Wednesday, Sept. 26, at Sulphur Springs Country Club. The first campaign workers report meeting will be held at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Anyone who would like to serve as a HCUW campaign volunteer is asked to contact HCUW Executive Secretary Susan Berning at [email protected] or 903-243-4066, Bill Owens at [email protected] or 903-348-5122 or Beverley Owens at [email protected] or 903-348-5121.

Beverley and Bill Owens, Hopkins County United Way 2019-20 campaign co-chairs

Author: Faith Huffman

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