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Smokey Is Still Searching For His Forever Home!

Smokey Hearts of Live Animal Rescue
Smokey Hearts of Live Animal Rescue

Smokey is still searching for his forever home! Smokey is a mysterious dog with just enough personality for any dog owner to handle. He is a master of disguise, virtually unidentifiable after a haircut! Smokey likes to act like he is too cool for humans, but he’s a big teddy bear once he warms up to you. He behaves himself on a leash and does enjoy going for walks, but prefers to do the leading around. Other dog friendly (indifferent is a better word; he’s too cool for playtime) but has not been around cats so that’s a toss-up. Who could pass up this gorgeous furry beast? He’s majestic and he knows it. Beautiful dog with a perfectly sassy personality. Smokey’s adoption fee is $100.00.  Please contact us if you would like to meet him! You may call or text 903-439-5019, find us on Facebook at or on!

Author: Matt Janson

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