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SSHS One Act Play Fails To Advance

SSHS One-Act Play Does Not Advance at Area Competition Tuesday

The Sulphur Springs One-Act Play, Jules Verne Eats a Rhinoceros, did not advance at Area competition Tuesday (April 2) at Mabank High School. SSHS Director of Theatre Arts Lesha Woodard said her kids put on a great performance Tuesday. She said the students have improved with each performance through district, bi-district and area competition. Ms. Woodard said it’s just a subjective thing with judges. She said there was no clear thing you could put your finger on to explains why the play did not advance. Ms. Woodard said brief written critiques from judges and one oral critique all scored the play from good to excellent. She said they enjoyed the play but just did not advance it. Ms. Woodard said she was very proud of her kids. She said they did a good job especially since the play was changed all along the way. Ms. Woodard said Rachel Bramlett and Chase Berry won acting awards at every level. Also Hagen Hunt and Anthony Arroyo. Tre Ransom won a tech award for Area. Previously tech awards went to Lucia Yanez, and Kennedy Dicus. It was the second year for the SSHS One-Act Play to make it to Area. Ms. Woodard wants to make it further next year. She said her seniors will be putting on a play in May based loosely on Alfred Hitchcock’s 39 Steps. Ms. Woodard said the play has been reverse gendered so females are playing male roles and vice versa. Ms. Woodard added she is considering doing The Addams Family as this fall’s musical.

Author: Chad Young

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