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*Updated* Broadway Closed For 9 Hours Due to Major Gas Leak

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South Broadway Street was finally reopened after midnight Monday, about 9 hours after the section of roadway from Wildcat Way to Duckworth Street was closed to traffic due to a natural gas line bging struck.

Residents and business owners in the area were warned around 3 p.m. to not start their cars in the vicinity as a result of a major natural gas leak. Utility crews damaged a large line traversing the area and have closed off all of traffic.

Bowie Elementary, close to the area, was put on alert and a firefighter was staged near the school, monitoring levels as a safety precaution, officials reported.

Dismissal at Bowie Primary was initially planned to be delayed, but the school was given the all clear just after 3:15 p.m. for parents to pick up their students for regular dismissal, according to SSISD Assistant Superintendent Rusty Harden.

Duckworth Street, Posey Lane, Shannon Road and Mockingbird Lane remained open to traffic. However, the section of South Broadway Street between Wildcat Way and Duckworth Street remained closed until after 12 a.m. Tuesday while crews worked to repair the main line that was struck.

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Author: Chad Young

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