Powerlifters Compete At State Meet

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Three Wildcats Compete at State Powerlifting Meet Last Saturday

All three Wildcats finished in the top twenty in the state at the State Powerlifting Meet held last Saturday (March 23) in Abilene. Wildcats Powerlifting Coach Casey Jeter and Assistant Coach Alex Guerra took Oscar Yanez, Carson Bridges and George Greenway to the state meet. Coach Jeter said weigh in took place Friday and all three of the Wildcats made weight. Yanez lifts in the 114 pound weight class, Bridges in the 181 pound weight class and Greenway in the 198 pound class. Coach Jeter said Yanez finished 16th, Bridges 18th and Greenway in the top 20. He said the state meet seems to be getting more competitive. Coach Jeter said it was an awesome display of strength. He said one 114-pound lifter dead lifted 470 pounds and a 148-pound lifter had a 425 pound bench press. Coach Jeter said all of his lifters competed very well on the big stage. He said he was proud of his guys and thankful for all of their hard work.

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Author: Chad Young

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