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Dan Flynn Becomes Co-Author For House Bill 3

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Austin, TX – Representative Dan Flynn (R-Van) is proud to Co-Author House Bill 3 (HB 3), known as The Texas Plan to reform both school finance and property taxes.  The Texas Plan will invest $9 billion dollars above enrollment growth towards student achievement and teacher quality, and property tax reform.  

This bill allows school districts to put more of their funds in the classroom, by raising the Basic Allotment $890 more for each student, from $5,140 to $6,030.  HB 3 provides property tax reform by lowering the property tax rates that divert to recapture by 4 cents statewide. 

Representative Flynn believes teachers have an important role in molding students into future members of society and they should be paid fairly.  He is proud to support HB 3 which will raise the minimum teacher salary schedule, with $140 million allocated to recruiting and retraining quality teachers.  The Texas Plan also directs funding to schools with greater conentrations of underserved students, establishing a program to fund full-day Pre-Kindergarten, in addition to promoting research-based programs that are proven to advance student achievement including dyslexia identifications, dual-language immersion, and expanded career and technology programs.


“House Bill 3 gives the rural school districts in District 2 the ability to earn and keep more money from local property taxes, provides added programs and resources for underserved students, and updates the critical transportation funding model to a simplified $1.00 per mile reimbursement.  This bill also gives school districts the ability to access an additional $140 million to recruit and retain quality teachers through their own local performance designation system, giving rural districts more resources to recruit and retain top teachers.” -Representative Flynn

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Author: Chad Young

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