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Blue Blazes Upcoming Spring Show

SSHS Blue Blazes Continue to Work on Their Spring Show Coming in April

After next week’s spring break, when the Sulphur Springs Blue Blazes Drill Team returns to school, they will have about 5 weeks until their annual Spring Show. This year’s Spring Show will take place April 26-27. The theme of this year’s show is Jukebox Saturday Night. Blue Blazes Director Christie McCullough calls it a trip down memory lane that focuses on how dance has influenced music and how music has influenced dance. She says the Blazes are enjoying the old music. Ms McCullough says everyone will find something to like in the show. She says tickets will go on sale a couple of weeks before the performances. Ms McCullough says the show has been a main emphasis of the Blazes since January. She says the Blazes are getting to choreograph some of the numbers in the show. The Blue Blazes are the main focus of the show but Ms. McCullough says the show will also showcase the Sparks, next year’s Blue Blazes, and members of some of their dance classes. Ms. McCullough says special guests during the show will include talented singers SSHS Choir Director Beth Cole and also Mike Dodd. The spring show always ends by honoring past Blue Blazes in the sister circle. Stephen Kramer is returning to the production behind the scenes and Mike Dodd will again be in the booth handling sound and lighting.

Author: Chad Young

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