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Blue Blazes Fundraiser

Blue Blazes Have New Fundraiser Dealing With Easter Egg Hunts

The Sulphur Springs High School Blue Blazes Drill Team has a new fundraiser. It is called Egg My House or Egg My Yard. It involves Easter Egg Hunts and the Blue Blazes want to be your Easter Bunny. They are offering to take care of an Easter Egg Hunt for you. Blue Blazes Director Christie McCullough says sometimes parents get so involved in the business side of putting together an Easter Egg Hunt that they can’t enjoy it and they sometimes forget to get video or pictures. Ms. McCullough says information on the fundraiser is on social media including Instagram and Facebook. There are forms available for signing up. You can also contact Christie McCullough at Sulphur Springs High School. Ms. McCullough says the idea has created a lot of interest and she says she is excited about the potential for the fundraiser. She hopes it will become an annual fundraiser.

Author: Chad Young

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