Junior Market Livestock Show Lamb and Goat Results

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Thursday at the Civic Center Arena the Hopkins County Junior Market Livestock Show began with the Lamb and Goat Show. The top 17 lambs and top 35 goats will be in the Sale of Champions set for Saturday.

Top lambs and exhibitors include:

Grand Champion: Annie Horton, Sulphur Springs FFA

Reserve Champion: Wyatt Wharton, North Hopkins FFA. Wharton won Senior Showmanship

Ramsey Ragan, Junior Showmanship, Hopkins County 4-H

Dayton Wood, Cumby FFA

Laney Bankston, Sulphur Springs FFA

Trenton Wood, Cumby FFA

Reese Ragan, Hopkins County 4-H

Baylor Boatman, Hopkins County 4-H

Lilly Bankston, Sulphur Springs FFA

Alexus Sallee, Miller Grove FFA

Jessie Rivera, North Hopkins FFA

William Sallee, Miller Grove FFA

Rhye Caudle, Hopkins County 4-H

Paisley Watkins, Showmanship, Hopkins County 4-H

Chandra Lee, Miller Grove FFA

Ashly Hudson, Cumby FFA

Ashley Aguilar, North Hopkins FFA

Top goats and exhibitors include:

Amy Sprague, Grand Champion, North Hopkins FFA

Dayton Wood, Reserve Champion, Senior Showmanship, Cumby FFA

Kaitlynn Harness, North Hopkins FFA

Jessica Hatley, North Hopkins FFA

Caroline Coker, Showmanship, Sulphur Springs FFA

Darby Williams, Hopkins County 4-H

Alaina Johnson, Hopkins County 4-H

Parris Pickett, Sulphur Springs FFA

Camille Coker, Junor Showmanship, Sulphur Springs FFA

Keegan CAlihan, North Hopkins FFA

Reed Williams, Hopkins County 4-H

Jocelyn Helterbrand, Miller Grove FFA

Hattie Bland, North Hopkins FFA

Savannah Allen, Sulphur Springs FFA

Blaine Allen, Sulphur Springs FFA

Hallie Thompson, Hopkins County 4-H

Lilly Campbell, Cumby FFA

Trenton Wood, Cumby FFA

Griffin Crawford, Sulphur Springs FFA

Brooks Burgin, Hopkins County 4-H

Kate Taylor, Cumby FFA

Mason Burgin, Hopkins County 4-H

Gunner Campbell, Cumby FFA

Jace Thompson, Hopkins County 4-H

Liberty Weatheread, North Hopkins FFA

Destiny Lackey, Hopkins County 4-H

Sydney Bell, North Hopkins FFA

Jesse Bearden, North Hopkins FFA

Peyton Miesse, Sulphur Springs FFA

Lindsey Faulks, North Hopkins FFA

Chloe Willis, Hopkins County 4-H

Tatum White, Cumby FFA

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Author: Staff Reporter

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