Sulphur Springs City Manager’s Report January 8, 2019

CROSSTOWN TRAIL – Construction continues on the Hopkins County Civic Center grounds. The Capital Construction division installed 200 linear feet of pathway and a retaining wall on the Civic Center grounds.

SUNSET STREET – We have been waiting for bids for the rock. They came in today. Now our grant writer will review the bids for compliance with the grant requirements. Once we approve the bids we will get started on the project.

WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT – Phase 2 is well under way. The concrete structure of the first aeration basin is complete. Construction of the second aeration basin is progressing well. Once these basins are operational, the existing basins will be taken offline and they will be refitted with diffused aeration just like basins 1 & 2. Once all of this is completed our aeration capacity will be greatly enhanced. This is the heart of our wastewater treatment process.

CONNALLY STREET – Work on Connally Street will begin this month. The first phase will be new sewer mains.

SUBSTANDARD STRUCTURES – The Capital Construction Division has demolished the burned structure 917 Church Street. The city council ordered the structure demolished at the December 04, 2018 council meeting and set a deadline of 30 days. The deadline passed and the owner did not comply. The remaining debris will be removed by Wednesday afternoon. The owner of the building at 200 Gilmer Street complied with the city council’s order to abate the dangerous condition of the east wall. Temporary bracing has been installed per the structural engineer’s design. We now await the owner’s plan for a permanent solution. Staff plans to bring the issue back to the city council the February 05 council meeting to find the building substandard and to order the abatement of the substandard condition.

CLAIMS – We had 2 workers compensation claims in December, one for a dog bite, and one for a cat bite. Neither incident resulted in lost time. We received 2 claims relating to road hazards. They are both in TML’s hands now. Another claim for water damage resulting from a wastewater overflow in a residence has been submitted to TML.

REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES – Finance Director Lesa Smith will give a year-to-date report of revenues and expenditures. Elsewhere around the city, employees:

Responded to 190 fire/rescue calls including 4 structure fires and 1 vehicle fire.

Performed 55 fire inspections and reviewed 55 pre-fire plans.

Performed preventative maintenance on 68 fire hydrants.

Made 8 street repairs following utility repairs.

Repaired multiple potholes.

Replaced 18 stop signs.

Graded Pipeline Road… again. .

Installed 300 feet of sewer main and set 5 manholes on Highway 11 E$ast.

Processed 429 citations through municipal court.

Responded to 180 animal control calls achieving an adoption rate of 55%.

Made 8 felony arrests in the Special Crimes Unit.

Made 74 arrests, wrote 429 citations, recorded 52 offenses and responded to 39 accidents on the Patrol Division.

Repaired basketball lighting at Pacific Park.

Closed on the sale of 50 acres in Ridgeway.

Achieved a daily average total suspended solids reading at the wastewater treatment plant of less than 1 mg/L (0. 83).

Repaired 11 water main mptures.

Replaced 8 water meters. Unstopped 49 sewer mains. Repaired 4 sewer mains. Washed 78, 000 feet of sewer mains. Flushed 33 dead-end water mains. Treated 127 million gallons of potable water.

Conducted 40 building inspections, 25 electrical inspections, 20 plumbing inspections, 6 mechanical inspections and issued 22 building permits.

Sold 1,465 gallons of AvGas and 9,243 gallons of JetA fuel.

Checked out 2,352 items from and library and 744 eBooks.

Applied wood sealer to Kids Kingdom. Trimmed lower limbs at Buford Park. Mulched leaves at Buford Park.

Marc Maxwell

Author: Staff Reporter

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