Sulphur Springs City Council Agenda for January 8, 2019

The special meeting of the Sulphur Springs City Council will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 in the Council Room at 201 North Davis Street.

The following items will be discussed:

1. Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag, Texas Flag, and invocation.

2. Presentations, proclamations, and announcements.: (a) Chris Brown, ARK-TEX Council of Governments Presentation; (b) David James, Assistant Fire Marshal, ISO Presentation; (c) School Choice Week Proclamation

Manager’s report will include a status report of capital improvements, wastewater treatment plant operations, accidents and claims for the month, and a review of expenditures and revenues.

Discussion/action on Consent Agenda.

Conduct a Public Hearing for Annexation of Area 1, generally referred to as the Pioneer Business Park and adjacent properties.

Conduct a Public Hearing for Annexation of Area 2, generally referred to as Heritage Business Park and adjacent properties.

Discussion/action on public hearing for second and final first reading of Ordinance No. 2738, amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Sulphur Springs, Texas, Chapter 6, Section 6; Chapter 11, Section 11-39; Chapter 12, Section 12-7(b); Chapter 15A, Section 15A-1; Chapter 15B, Section 15B-1; Chapter 15C, Section 15C-1; and Chapter 19, Section 19-1 and Section 19-1. 2, updating the building codes, electrical code, and the property maintenance code.

Discussion/action on first reading of Ordinance No. 2739, an ordinance of the City of Sulphur Springs, Texas, adopting the recommendations of the 2018 Charter Review Committee, approving proposed amendments to the City of Sulphur Springs, making recommendations for inclusion of proposed changes to the official ballot of the upcoming municipal election, making findings in support thereof, and overruling any ordinance in conflict herewith.

Discussion/action on authorization for city staff and financial advisor to begin the process of issuing tax notes for the purchase of certain equipment and vehicles that were approved in the 2019 budget.

Discussion/action to consider refunding Series 2009 Certificate of Obligation for interest rate savings and authorizing city staff and the city’s financial advisor to begin work om the refunding for presentation at a future city council meeting.

Discussion/action on bids and award of contract for the Summer Paving Program. (Bids will be opened January 8)

Visitors and public fomm.


Author: Staff Reporter

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