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Parks and Open Space Master Plan Event Sparks Ideas for Buford Park

Tuesday, January 15th, Sulphur Springs residents had an opportunity to submit ideas for Buford Park. This is the second in a series of opportunities for the public to contribute ideas for the Parks and Open Space Master Plan. The Parks and Open Space Master Plan will be used by the city as they apply for Texas Parks and Wildlife grants as well as taking steps to improve park areas. A third meeting, to be conducted February 7th , will be focused on Coleman Park.

Micha Perez with Landscape Architect with MHS Planning and Design of Tyler, told KSST News that the day had been filled with ideas that are now being placed in an overall design for Buford Park. A number of ideas will be put in place during the next year and other plans will be available for the city in years to come. City Manager Marc Maxwell said “This is a plan and is probably a 25 year plan.” Some things will take place soon, according to Maxwell who noted the Bright Star Baseball organization has already raised $120,000 for a new baseball field for handicapped athletes. Maxwell said that an architect will be hired soon to begin plans for the new Gray’s Building at Pacific Park.

Perez said some things will be planned for changes in the next year. She said handicapped parking for the Chamber of Commerce Hopkins County Stew Fest and added parking that would be closer to the stew area are on the front burner for planning. She said bathroom facilities are also a concern that meets the immediate needs criteria.

Other suggested plans for Buford Park include:

  • New restrooms and concession stands for ball fields and for the playground
  • New Spray Pad in place of the old metal playground
  • Lighting and irrigation around playground, pavilion, and walkways in the park
  • Tree planting to replace older trees that are or will be dying
  • New wooden playground to replace Kid’s Kingdom when it is no longer viable
  • Improvements to the softball field that will add bleachers and some parking
  • A U-shaped area for food  trucks and picnic tables
  • Head in parking along streets around the park
  • New entry signs at all entries into the park
  • Redoing the basketball court with Plexiglas walls around to facilitate  an in-door-like soccer field
  • Upgrading the skate park keeping most of the structures at skate park
  • On the southwest side of the park, not only build the Bright Star baseball field for handicapped athletes but also build a playground and soccer field in that area
  • Expand Peavine Pinion Pool area into the dog park area.

These ideas for Buford  Park will be added to the ideas submitted for Pacific Park as the Parks and Open Space plan develops for the city. On Feb 7th, another day-long session will focus on Coleman Park.

Author: Staff Reporter

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