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Hagan Arrested on Second Charge

A second charge of Sexual Conduct/Intercourse with a Supervised Inmate has been file against Sinead Nichole Hagan, 27. Video shows Hagan in a sexual encounter with a second inmate. The second charge was filed Thursday, January 10, 2019. The charges follow the same charge regarding a first inmate sexual encounter filed eight (8) days ago.

Sheriff Lewis Tatum said staff had been reviewing video regarding the first offense when the second offense with a different inmate was found. Texas Ranger John Vance supervised the investigation and filed the charges.

According to the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office, on January, 2, 2019, Hopkins County Corrections Officer Sinead Nicole Hagan, 27, was arrested and charged with improper sexual activity with person in custody.

As soon as the Jail Staff became aware of the Allegations of Sexual Activity between Hagan, a corrections officer, and an inmate, the Texas Rangers were notified. Texas Ranger John Vance conducted the investigation. District Attorney Will Ramsey was made aware of the criminal activity and a warrant was issued for Hagans arrest.

Hagan was booked in to Hopkins County Jail.

Author: Jimmy Rogers

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