Cumby ISO Rating Lowered From 7/9 to 4 as of February 1, 2019

Cumby Fire Chief Heath McCrawhas announced the Insurance Services Office (ISO) has submitted a recommendation that the Public Protection Classification be changed from a rating of 7 to a rating of 4 for all class-rated properties in Cumby. The recommendation takes effect February 1, 2019 and is based on a review of the community performed May 30, 2019. The lower rating will lower insurance premiums for home and business owners.

Cumby received the rating noting that the hydrant distance requirement does not apply due to an alternate creditable water supply for the city.

The rating will affect homeowners residing within five driving miles of either the Cumby or Brashear fire stations within the Cumby Fire Department’s County fire district.

David  Weatherbee, former Fire Chief and now a Fire Captain for the Cumby Department, said the fire department is very proud of this achievement and has been working hard over the last 10 plus years to get to this point. This savings may not automatically appear and homeowners may need to contact their insurance companies and request them to update the policy with the current rating. This should be done when renewing the current homeowners insurance. He noted Cumby Fire Department would like to thank all of the volunteers that have worked countless hours in achieving this new rating and a special thanks to their supporters.

Author: Staff Reporter

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