Minick Sentenced to 30 Years for Murder of Husband

Cassandra Joyce Minick, pled guilty to Murder Wednesday morning.She was sentenced to 30 years in prison by Eighth Judicial District Judge Eddie Northcutt. Minick was charged with the murder of her husband with a rifle in February of this year.

Cassandra Joyce Minick
Cassandra Joyce Minick

At the time of her arrest Minick, 30, called the Sheriff’sDepartment in the early morning hours stating she had found her husband shot intheir residence after she heard a gunshot. Deputies arrived on scene, and Sgt.Richard Greer took charge of the scene. At the scene they found Kenny Minick unresponsive. Greer said the story that Ms. Minick gave him varied each time she told it. Greer contacted Investigator Charles Humphries, who also found discrepancies in her story. He called Chief Investigator Corley Weatherford and Texas Ranger John Vance. Following investigation at the scene, she was arrested and charged with murder.

Three children in the home were taken by Child Protective Services and placed in care.

Author: Staff Reporter

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