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City Council Emergency Meeting Closes Gilmer Street Between Main and Tomlinson

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Following an emergency meeting of the Sulphur Springs City Council Saturday morning at 9 a.m., the owner of the building at 200 Main Street is considering what to do about the side of the building fronting Gilmer Street. Thanks to a fire in the 1930’s that burned half through some of the wall joist and over the years the wall began buckling and cracking the building is now unstable. Although adjoined the separate building that houses Secret Garden Gift shop is safe and the retail establishment will remain open.

At this time, Gilmer Street between Main Street and Tomlinson Street is closed off and the building wall must be shored up within 72 hours. The street, sidewalk, and parking area along the street are blocked. The sidewalk and parking area will remain closed off after the walls are braced. The walls will be braced so that, if they do collapse they will fall in place and not outward into the street.  

A plan for repair of the wall is in place but the cost of repair will be factor. The owner of the property is considering either repairing the wall or replacing the wall or removing the building.

The city council announced the emergency meeting 14 hours prior to the meeting  time which is allowed bylaw if the named emergency is found to indeed be an emergency.  

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Author: Staff Reporter

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