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Wildcat Football: Coordinators Review Kaufman Game; Look Ahead to North Forney

Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young Looks Back at Kaufman and Ahead to North Forney

Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young is seeking solutions to get the Wildcats back into a rhythm so they will play with confidence and with a swagger. The past two weeks this seems to be missing from the Wildcats offense. Coach Young said he has watched last Friday (November 2) night’s loss to Kaufman over and over, especially an abysmal first half, looking for answers. He has concluded that just when the Wildcats were on the verge of getting on a roll, something would happen. The cliché calls it shooting yourself in the foot. Coach Young said the problem is not overall poor execution but rather just one negative thing during a play. He noted that the Wildcats did have a better second half than the first one. North Forney is next for the Wildcats. Coach Young said their defense features two long defensive ends and physical play inside. He said the Falcons have a safety, Tre Barksdale, who is very active. Coach Young said North Forney’s linebackers react to plays in a hurry. He said they are a good team adding the Wildcats need to take care of their business and meet the challenge.

Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Alex Guerra Comments on Kaufman and North Forney

Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Alex Guerra said he was pleased with the effort from the Wildcats’ defense in last Friday’s (November 2) 30-21 loss to Kaufman at Prim Stadium. He said the Wildcats defense got turnovers and scored on defense. Coach Guerra did express disappointment in the defense allowing a late touchdown by Kaufman that gave them a nine point lead. He said fatigue is no excuse. Coach Guerra said he told the defenders they have got to be ready to play defense regardless of the situation. He said he was proud of the defense for keeping the score somewhat close in the tough first half. Coach Guerra said the defensive linemen stepped up adding the linebacker play was also good. He said nose guard Ignacio Nacho Guerrero is getting better every week. He said inside linebackers Bryce McQueen and Daniel Moreno are triggering really well during plays. He said the outside linebackers are also doing a good job. Concerning this week’s opponent North Forney, Coach Guerra said the Falcons’ current quarterback is accurate and throws short routes very well. He said he doesn’t make mistakes. Coach Guerra said the North Forney offensive line does a good job. He said they also have good running backs and receivers. He said they would create a challenge for the Wildcats defense this week

Author: Chad Young

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