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Mayor Darla Henry Announces Wastewater Treatment Grant Bringing Improvements for Como

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Darla Lewis Henry, Mayor of Como

Elected in May 2017, Quality Engineer Darla Henry has approached the elected position of Mayor of Como in a similar way to her job at Flo-Serve….to make sure that the office operates according to the State’s mandates and rules, and to act on the most pressing needs first. A grant application for updating/replacing  the wastewater treatment system that serves Como city residents was top of the list for Mayor Henry. The aging wastewater treatment system had previously been patched and repaired frequently. Now, with this $275,000 grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture, the electronic monitoring system can be brought up to standard levels. New construction is expected to begin in January 2019. 

Previously, when the waste water treatment’s system detected low levels in the well, residents were placed under a mandatory “boil water notice” by State requirements. The overhauled, upgraded system will be more sensitive to detect fluctuations in the underground lines to the well, providing more reliable service for the residents and taxpayers.

Another area that is getting attention is code enforcement. With the addition of a Code Enforcement Officer in 2019, it is hoped that recurrent issues inside the city limits involving mowing/upkeep violations and recurrent reports of dogs running loose can be remedied. Mayor Henry stated “I became a Como homeowner in 2000. I came into office seven years later thinking I could fix pressing problems in a short time. I was shocked to find that even minor improvements took so much time to address and remedy. Now, I approach my duties by being satisfied with baby steps moving forward, and choosing my battles. Even though progress may seem slow, there is progress taking place through the office of the City of Como for the betterment of everyone who lives there. And there is more to come”.  Henry is pleased with that progress thus far, and is hopeful and prayerful that her leadership and sincere efforts to improve the community can be continued beyond 2019 when the office of Mayor is up for election  again in May. 

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Author: Enola Gay

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