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Hopkins County Jail Passes Annual Standards Inspection

Hopkins County Judge Robert Newsom and Sheriff Lewis Tatum are pleased that the local jail passed state standards following an inspection Tuesday. Late Tuesday afternoon, November 13th, the inspector told the judge and sheriff that all was in order and that he was surprised to see that the three year old jail is not showing its age considering the number of inmates that have been housed there.

Sheriff Tatum said the state standards cover more than just the facility but also the paper work has to be precise. Tatum told KSST News that the inspector praised the work of jail leadership in maintaining the high standards found. Keeping the facility clean and maintenance of the building were commended. Tatum said training jail staff is ongoing. He noted the Sandra Bland Act that is being instituted. Suicide training is the focus of the act and a segment of the training.

Tatum also noted that the new courtroom being built at the County Law Enforcement Facility will be a benefit to safety for inmates. Tatum stated that local lawyers are delighted with the prospect of the new building. He said he is waiting to see how District Judge Eddie Northcutt will want to use the facility.  

Author: Staff Reporter

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