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Election Results Show Hopkins County Stronghold for Republicans; Local School and Municipal Races Listed

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Red is a popular political color in Hopkins County as 6,977 of the 11,958 ballots cast in the November Mid-Term Election were straight ticket Republican. Only 1,591 ballots were straight ticket Democratic.  Votes cast in Hopkins County in selected races:

U S Senator:

Ted Cruz, Rep, 9,298

Beto O’Rourke, Dem, 2,542

U S Representative District 4

John Ratcliffe, Rep, 9391

Catherine Krantz, Dem, 2,312


Greg Abbot, Rep, 9,525

Lupe Valdez, Dem, 2,216

Lieutenant Governor

Dan Patrick, Rep, 8,906

Mike Collier, Dem, 2,778

Attorney General

Ken Paxton, Rep, 8,995

Justin Nelson, Dem, 2,643

Commissioner of Agriculture

Sid Miller, Rep, 9,120

Kim Olson, Dem, 2,446

State Senator, Dist. 2

Bob Hall, Rep, 8,920

Kendall Scudder, Dem, 2,869

State Representative, Dist. 2

Dan Flynn, Rep, 9,364

Bill Brannon, Dem, 2,421

County Clerk

Tracy Orr Smith, Rep, 9,454

Reiko Alexander, Dem, 2,274

Cumby City Alderman

Mayor: Kathy Hall Carter, 57

Alderman Place 1

Douglas Simmerman, 114

Larry White 41

Alderman Place 2

Kristin Thompson, 96

Johnene McLarry, 44

Cumby ISD Board (two elected)

Kyle Pettit, 276

Jimmy Helfferich, 217

David Temor, 206

Cody Talley, 152

Wesley Thompson, 58

Miller Grove ISD (three elected)

Brandon Darrow, 266

Bret Garrett, 262

Ray Sparks, 247

Douglas Lewis, 95

Brandon Kilpatrick 78

North Hopkins ISD (two elected)

Bruce Allen Joslin, 218

Nicole Vaughn, 207

Robert McPherson, 191

Sherry Smiddy, 185

Lori Timko, 167

In those offices not listed, the Republican candidate won in Hopkins County.  

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texas flag courthouse

Author: Staff Reporter

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