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Wildcat Football: Coordinators Review Corsicana; Preview Greenville

Wildcats OC Matt Young on Corsicana Game and With Greenville Preview

Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young assessed the offensive play in the loss to Corsicana last week and he also previewed Greenville Tuesday morning. Coach Young said it was a good ball game. He said the Wildcats did a lot of good things but not enough of them. Coach Young said the Wildcats got inside the ten a couple of times without getting points. He said that was the difference in the game. Coach Young said the Wildcats offensive line was extremely physical, the running backs ran hard and quarterback D’Corian Young did a good job making decisions. He said the receivers made plays adding that Landry Tyson had one of his best games of the year or perhaps in his high school career. Tyson caught 7 passes for 121 yards and a touchdown. Coach Young said Austin Dodd made his big plays. He said receiver Chase Haney has been quietly doing his job this season but last Friday stepped out a little and had a couple of big catches. Haney caught 3 passes for 61 yards. Coach Young said the score did not end up the way the Wildcats wanted it but he said the Wildcats were able to move the football. He said there were only 2 punts and no turnovers. The Wildcats gained 402 yards and made 20 first downs. Coach Young said emphasis this week has been if you get close to the end zone, score. He said D’Corian Young did a good job scrambling away from trouble. D’Corian Young completed 21 of 34 , 61.8%, for 290 yards. Concerning Greenville’s defense, Coach Young said the Lions are extremely quick and athletic adding they close gaps quickly. He called Lions’ defensive end Jeremiah Abrego the best defensive end the Wildcats have faced this season. Coach Young noted that if the Wildcats win, they will wrap up a playoff spot. He said the Wildcats may be challenged emotionally after the loss last week. Coach Young expects the Lions to play with great intensity this week.

DC Coach Guerra Discusses Defense Against Corsicana and the Greenville Offense

Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Alex Guerra said the Wildcats defense did alright for three or three and a half quarters last Friday night in the 42-28 home loss to Corsicana, He said he figured Tigers QB Blake Hoffman might break some long runs and he said he did twice on the fourth quarter. Coach Guerra called Hoffman a great athlete. Coach Guerra said the Wildcats defense had some busted assignments and missed tackles against Hoffman. He said outside linebacker Rio Becerra came in and did well and also made some tackles on special teams. Becerra made 11 tackles. Coach Guerra also said safety Landry Tyson had a good game. Tyson had 7 tackles and 5 assists for a total tackles and assists of 12. Coach Guerra said the Wildcats defensive linemen had quite a back to back challenge facing offensive linemen from Ennis and Corsicana. Concerning Greenville, Coach Guerra said the Lions are explosive and can make plays at any time. He said they remind him of Terrell with their athleticism. Coach Guerra said if Wildcats’ defenders don’t mind their assignments on Friday they could get burned.

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