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Wildcat Football: Coordinators Prepare for Forney

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Wildcats Offensive Coordinator on Bye Week and Forney Defense

Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young said the off week was really good for the Wildcats’ offense. H said some coaches thought it was possibly the best bye week they had ever been a part of. Coach Young said the Wildcats practiced with great energy and showed good attention to details. He said he felt the Wildcats got better last week and he added he hoped the team would reap the benefits of that Friday night against Forney at The Prim. That being said, Coach Young said he and the players would like to be playing a game tonight (Wednesday). He said the Jackrabbits’ defense has kept them in games this season with every Forney game coming down to less than a touchdown difference. Coach Young said he thought the Forney defensive line, collectively, is the best the Wildcats have faced this season. He said he has challenged the offensive line to dominate the line of scrimmage. Coach Young said Forney has done a good job of forcing turnovers. He said they also vary their defensive look. Coach Young said the way Forney runs their defense, they make it hard to block linebacker Graham Burns, who had 32 tackles going into play last Friday night. He say the Jackrabbit secondary features multiple coverages. Coach Young said the Wildcats need to play with more pace while executing and protecting the football.

Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Discusses the Bye Week and the Run Oriented Forney Offense

Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Alex Guerra said the bye week was good but he added his defensive players are getting antsy and are ready to play a game. Friday (October 5) the Wildcats play a rare game against Forney. The teams played in 2004 and 2005 with the Wildcats winning both games. Those are the only two games the teams have played going back to 1956. The current Forney team features senior running back Sean Stephens. Coach Guerra said Stephens does a good job but he added he can’t say enough about the Forney offensive line. He called the Jackrabbits’ running game solid. Coach Guerra said they don’t do a lot on offense but he said they do it right. He said the Forney quarterback Campbell Anderson is a good leader and can be dangerous throwing the football. However Coach Guerra said Forney mainly likes to run the football. He called the Jackrabbits competitive and well coached. 

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Author: Staff Reporter

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