Cushman Show 2018

Doors open 8:00AM Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Hopkins County Civic Center. Participants from all over the region will be showing off these classic scooters.  This is the 36th Annual State Meet for the Texas Cushman Club.

Hopes are high that the weather won’t keep Cushman owners from driving in.  If the weather does clear, there is a good chance riders will appear around town, and in the Saturday morning Fall Festival parade.  The Meet ends on Sunday.

The scooters are confined to the tiled surfaces inside the Civic Center.  It was hoped that they would be allowed in other areas.  Cardboard or  another absorbent material is typically placed beneath each one. A miscommunication between Civic Center Staff and Texas Cushman Club Officials, combined with other activities at the Civic Center has unfortunately limited the display space available.

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