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Wildcats Face Terrell’s Flex Bone Offense Friday

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Wildcats Football Coach Greg Owens says he has never had a football game canceled due to lightning in his 28 year coaching career before Friday (September 7) night. He said from a positive standpoint, there were no injuries. From a bad standpoint, Coach Owens said the players lose the experience they would have gained from playing a game. He said there are only 10 games so it’s tough to lose one.

Coach Owens said it was not just us. Several other district teams also had games canceled. He said lightning strikes began in Sulphur Springs last Friday at 4:45 p.m. and continued until about 10:15 p.m. Terrell got to play one quarter last Friday getting in about 30 snaps on offense before lightning intervened. The Wildcats face Terrell on Homecoming Friday (September 14) at Gerald Prim Stadium.

The Tigers have a new offense. They are now running the Flex Bone option. Coach Owens said that will make it all about responsibilities for the Wildcats. He said Wildcats defenders will have to contain the dive, the quarterback, the pitch and possible play action passes. Coach Owens said they will try to lull you to sleep also using tight ends, formations and motion. He said Tigers Coach Mike Shields decision to switch offenses caught the Wildcats staff off guard since the current Terrell staff has not done this before.

Coach Owens said the Terrell option quarterback is sound and makes good decisions. Terrell also has a big 320 or 330 pound nose guard. Coach Owens referred to him as a refrigerator and said the Wildcats would have their hands full with him. He said Terrell is athletic and speedy.

Coach Owens said an advantage for the Wildcats might be roster size on Friday. The Wildcats have more than 50 players while Terrell had just over 30. Many of the Tigers play both offense and defense. He said the Terrell defense attempts to create chaos by changing front looks, walking linebackers up and blitzing often. Coach Owens said the Wildcats had very good practice days Monday and Tuesday (September 10-11). 

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Author: Staff Reporter

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