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Tira News, August 24th, 2018

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By Jan Vaughn

The quarterly Tira City Council meeting has been moved to Monday, August 27 th at 6:00 p.m. We are saddened to learn that Powell Vickery and Sherry Smiddy are resigning from the Council, due to Powell’s current health condition. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them. The Council will be discussing the changes at the meeting on Monday. The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend.

The Council would like to express appreciation to the anonymous donor for the generous contributions to the Tira Food Pantry. The Pantry is in need of donations on a regular basis. Canned meat is especially needed at this time. You are welcome to bring donations to the quarterly meetings or contact a member about contributing anytime. 

Shelia Boyd reports, “Anytime you get to see all three children is a good weekend! We visited with Colton earlier on Saturday, as the guys were spending time together. Then Jeremy and Jessica brought the kids out and we cooked burgers.” She comments, “My Saturday morning wasn’t as nice though, we attended my aunt’s funeral, Linda Brantley. She was a great aunt. My love to my cousins and all the family. Remember to cherish your time that you are given.” We want to express our sympathy to Shelia and her family at this time. Please keep them in your prayers.

Yvonne Weir shared, “Eli and Elise had a big birthday bash on Sunday, the 12th , with both sides of the family and lots of friends.” It was a swim party at Mike and Dacy (Weir) Campbell’s home. She added, “Wesley had his Senior Pictures taken on Wednesday, then we went to the Children’s Museum in Commerce. Dustin, Natalie, and Maria stopped in on Saturday. We had a late lunch at Juan Pablo’s and then they came out to get ready for their good friend Clarissa’s wedding. Between the drought and the grasshoppers our garden is gone.” 

I always need and appreciate input from my friends to help keep me informed of news in our community. If you have any news pertaining to Tira residents, past or present, please contact me, Jan Vaughn, at 903-945-2190 or 903-438-6688 or [email protected] .

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Author: Savannah Everett

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